Best Shark Diving Bahamas

The Bahamas contains some of the most beautiful beaches, and it is not short of amazing creatures such as sharks and dolphins.

The Bahamas is situated in the West Indies, and it is known for being one of the most popular and luxurious vacation spots on the planet. 

There are lots of sharks in the Bahamas, and it is one of the world’s shark hotspots. The Bahamas is one of the few countries in the world that will allow you to get as close to a shark as you can.

There are countless breeds of sharks living in the Bahamas, including Tiger sharks, Caribbean reef sharks, Oceanic White tip sharks, Bull sharks, Lemon sharks, Nurse sharks, and Hammerhead sharks. 

Shark diving is an activity that is only for the bravest of the brave. Let’s find out more about diving with the sharks in the Bahamas, as well as some of the best places to do this. 

What Is Shark Diving? 

Shark diving is exactly what you think it is. Shark diving consists of swimming and diving with the sharks with snorkeling gear, and usually inside a metal cage to protect you.

Shark diving is very popular in Caribbean areas, mainly for leisure. In other areas, shark diving is done for scientific purposes, as well as observation purposes and looking at wildlife. 

Best Shark Diving Bahamas 

There are countless places to dive and swim with the sharks in the Bahamas. Let’s get on with the list. Here are some of the best places to dive with the sharks in the Bahamas.

Bimini Undersea

Bimini Undersea is an area in the Bahamas that run a diving experience for you to dive with the sharks.

Bimini Undersea is not so much of a business in a singular location, but an area where it is available for you to swim and dive with the sharks. 

With a Bimini Undersea experience, you can snorkel with the sharks. This includes Hammerhead and Bull sharks.

The area of Bimini Undersea is truly gorgeous, and a guide will get back to your contact request, setting you up with a shark diving experience in one of the loveliest areas of the Bimini islands within the Bahamas. 

Ocean Fox Cotton Bay

Ocean Fox Cotton Bay is a small, professional, snorkeling and diving center in the Bahamas.

It is located in the Eleuthera area of the Bahamas, which has a population of 11,000. Eleuthera is a small island, with an area of 457 km.

It is one of the most beautiful islands in the country, with a long thin appearance, and pink sandy beaches. Here, shark diving is popular.

Ocean Fox Cotton Bay is a great place to dive with the sharks. Here, you can go scuba diving, snorkeling, and deep sea fishing.

The small diving center is based at the South of the island of Eleuthera, with a small but organized feel.

Ocean Fox Cotton Bay offers personalized and simple diving and snorkeling sessions, and you can get used to being in the water before you dive straight in, so to speak. 

At Ocean Fox Cotton Bay, you can swim with the super friendly and fun Hammerhead sharks. The staff are patient and attentive, and you can complete more than one dive in the session that you choose.

You can dive off the Cape, as well as dive near the Cesna wreck. Both of these shark dives allow you to see some stunning animals, and have a once in a lifetime experience. 

Sunn Odyssey Divers

Sunn Odyssey Divers is one of the highest rated diving operations on the Grand Bahama island. It is a top-notch 5-star diving facility, with opportunities to swim with all kinds of animals.

Here, you can also get an open water certificate, meaning you are well-skilled in diving and snorkeling in the open water with various animals. 

Sunn Odyssey Divers offers a shark encounter course, and this is one of the highest-rated courses in the country.

They specialize in scuba diving, with the thrilling option to swim up close and personal with the sharks. With this course, you can swim in open water with hammerhead sharks and bull sharks. 

Booking your diving experience with Sunn Odyssey Divers has never been easier. The company is very highly organized and professional, and they take health and safety seriously, too.

This means you will have to do courses in being safe whilst in the water, and being safe around sharks and sea creatures. 


UNEXSO is a beautiful scuba diving agency in Freeport. It is truly stunning, with some amazing views of the crystal blue waters and white sands.

At UNEXSO, there is the opportunity to have some great tropical adventures This includes diving with the sharks, dolphins, and fish in the wrecks and reefs.

You can interact with all the animals, swimming with white sharks and hammerhead sharks. 

With the shark diving, you will be allowed to dive in the open water with snorkeling gear for almost 3 hours, for an inexpensive price, too.

UNEXSO also offers specialty dives, where you can dive in your preferred area with the help of an instructor. You can also take courses in open water diving, rescue diving, and you can even learn to be an instructor! 

UNEXSO is extremely highly rated, with some of the best courses in the country, and the world. Encountering sharks and dolphins in proximity is amazing, and you will see this at UNEXSO. 

Epic Diving

Epic Diving is another solid choice for scuba diving with the sharks in the Bahamas. Epic Diving places a large focus on diving with the sharks, with specialized courses and excursions.

At Epic Diving you can dive with white tip sharks, hammerhead shark, and tiger sharks. White tip sharks are incredibly rare, and the Bahamas has a handful of these sharks in the wild.

They hold their white tip diving at Cat Island, and their Hammerhead shark diving in Bimini. 

Epic Diving has a dive boat which will transport you to the different islands, depending on what sharks you want to swim with, and where these sharks are primarily located.

Diving with the Hammerhead sharks has never been so amazing. Hammerhead sharks are incredibly shy and docile sharks, hence why there’s so much opportunity to swim with their in the Bahamas. 

If you choose to go to Cat Island to dive with the White tip sharks, expect some of the most beautiful deep blue waters, as well as a handful of dolphins in the area.

It is estimated that at the West End of Grand Bahama Island (Tiger Beach), you will see up to six different species of sharks on a single dive. 

Stuart’s Cove

Stuart’s Cove is a fun way to swim with the sharks in the Bahamas. Stuart’s Cove has a 2-tank diving program, allowing you to dive with wild sharks up close.

This will give you a once in a lifetime opportunity to investigate the sharks up close.

At Stuart’s Cove, you can partake in a shark awareness specialty course, meaning you will be perfectly equipped to swim with these interesting creatures at Stuart’s Cove.

There is also the shark feeder program, as well as the shark shooter program, where you can get some amazing footage of these sea creatures. 

Interestingly, Stuart’s Cove started to wrangle sharks, and consequently, some of the James Bond movies were shot here, using the up close and person shots with the sharks at Stuart’s Cove.

There are four different locations where you can dive with the sharks, including their Shark Wall, The Arena, The Shark Wall North, or The Runway.

At all of these locations, you are guaranteed to encounter lots of the Caribbean reef sharks, as well as some hammerhead sharks. 

Miller’s Dive Shop

Miller’s Dive Shop is based in the Eleuthera area of the Bahamas. It is a well maintained area with brand-new equipment and great boats.

Miller’s Dive Shop is a world-class diving destination with professional standards and opportunities to see some stunning sharks and animals up close.

Miller’s Dive Shop is a small, but professional diving location, with the dives small and personal, but suited to you and your confidence. 

With Miller’s Dive Shop, there are over twenty different locations to dive in, all of which will contain some amazing sharks, reefs, wrecks, caves, and more.

This is a truly unique experience, with some of the most personal and fun experiences in the country. The service and care at Miller’s Dive Shop is also unmatched, with personal staff, and professional standards. 

Final Thoughts

Swimming with the sharks is breathtaking, and it is not as scary as a lot of people may assume.

The Bahamas is arguably one of the most beautiful sets of islands in the world, and there is no absence of amazing sea life in this area.

Thanks for reading! 

Mikayla Adams