Are There Sharks In The Mediterranean Sea?

Many holiday goers will ask the age-old question: are there sharks in the mediterranean sea?

Some may hope the answer is yes so that they can check shark cage-diving off the bucket list, while others may pray the answer is no as the last thing they want is to be swimming in the sea and come across one of the ocean’s top predators.

Are There Sharks In The Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean is connected to pretty much every ocean in the world, and so you’ll find pretty much every species of shark in these waters.

Although you’ll tend to find that only the species that enjoy the warmer weather stay permanently in these waters.

So you may be pleased, or perhaps dismayed to know that yes there is quite an abundance of sharks in the Mediterranean.

But if seeing a shark is a phobia of yours, don’t panic all forty-seven species of shark that swim in this sea pose very little threat to humans.

There are only 15 species out of these 45 that you’ll really want to avoid meeting, and you won’t find these close to any popular tourist resort. So it’s very unlikely that you’ll see any of them while at the beach. 

Sharks have a bit of an unfair representation and tend to be fairly misunderstood as a species.

They are very very important to the ocean’s ecosystem and are very rarely a threat to human life, and yet they are certainly villainized.

They are constantly threatened by fishing and hostility via tourism. But the ocean’s ecosystem actually depends on them. 

Types Of Sharks That Are Found In The Mediterranean

As previously mentioned, there are 47 different species of shark in the Mediterranean and you’ll be reading a long time if I was to speak about each one individually, so instead;

Here are some of the top species to mention: 

The Blue Shark

This is the most commonly found species within the Mediterranean. They prefer cooler, deeper waters so it’s unlikely that you’ll come across one while on holiday.

They would only ever come close to the shore if they were lost or in distress and when this happens the beaches are usually shut down as a precautionary measure.

This species is found most often around countries such as Greece, Italy, or France. 

Small-Tooth Sand Tiger Sharks

If you’re a fan of sharks then you’ll definitely want to try and spot one of these magnificent creatures which can be best seen in Beirut at an aptly named Shark Point.

If you’re very much not a shark fan, don’t worry these fairly playful sharks don’t pose any danger to humans and are actually quite skittish and are more likely to be scared away by humans. 

Grey Nurse Sharks

Many people will instantly see a picture of a grey nurse and assume that they are the most terrifying creature to roam the ocean beds, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Never judge a book by its cover, though they are fairly large bulky boys with scary and ferocious-looking teeth, they’re about as docile as you’ll get from a shark.

They don’t really even have mouths big enough to cause a fatality to a human and they’re nocturnal so it’s unlikely that you’ll actually spot on.

They are an endangered species though, so if you were hoping to get a sighting of one of these you may come away disappointed. 

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Hammerhead Sharks

There are three different species of the Hammerhead shark that you’ll find in the mediterranean sea. They are a fairly well-known type of shark and this probably comes from their unique shape and size.

Though they are a very beautiful thing to behold, you should do so in a controlled environment (such as cage shark diving) because they are a seriously fast and aggressive predator. 

That being said, they won’t seek you out. These sharks don’t exactly hunt humans but they will not hesitate to attack should they feel threatened.

Sadly there are species of hammerhead sharks on both the vulnerable and endangered list as their large fins are often used in shark fin soup. 

Blacktip Sharks

If you are hoping to spot a blacktip shark you’ll want to look in shallower waters such as bays, lagoons, or coral reefs.

Because these sharks enjoy the shallow waters as opposed to the depths of the ocean, it means that there is a higher chance of catching the sight of this species.

While the blacktip shares some characteristics with their closest relatives the Bull and Tiger sharks, they are not dangerous or aggressive as they are.

You’ll tend to find in fight or flight, a blacktip is more likely to flee. 

Other Shark Species Found In The Mediterranean 

So what other sharks will you find in the Mediterranean? Take a look at the list below: 

  • Catsharks
  • Spinner Sharks
  • Great White Sharks
  • Tiger and Bull Sharks
  • Milk Sharks
  • Thresher Sharks
  • Longnose Spurdog Sharks
  • Tope Sharks
  • Velvet Belly Sharks
  • Sixgrill Sharks
  • Piked Dogfish Sharls
  • Gulper and Little Gulper Sharks
  • Portuguese Dogfish Sharks
  • Silky Sharks
  • Dusky Sharks
  • Bignose Sharks
  • Cookiecutter Sharks
  • Smoothhound Sharks
  • Nursehound Sharks
  • Little Sleeper Sharks
  • Smallthooth Sandtiger Sharks
  • Angular  Roughsharks 
  • Angel Sharks
  • Porbeagle Sharks
  • Kitefin Sharks
  • Longfin Mako Sharks

Final Thoughts

The answer to the question are there sharks in the mediterranean sea is yes. There are 47 different species of sharks that you’ll find within those waters.

Some you’ll be able to observe should you want to, but for the most part you will be unbothered by sharks during your trip to the Mediterranean, so don’t panic. 

While many do worry about shark attacks in the water, which is only natural, they are a really rare occurrence. So don’t let it stop you from swimming in the sea.

Most species pose no threat to humans, in fact, some species are just as afraid of you as you are them, and those that do pose a threat to humans are found in much quieter, deeper waters away from popular tourist spots. 

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