Best Shark Diving Cabo

If you are considering a new location for your summer vacation, then you might have thought about visiting Cabo. Cabo is a city in the Baja California Peninsula, located in the Mexican State of Baja California Sur.

It has something for everyone, including outstanding eateries, golden beaches, and crystal clear waters. Crystal clear waters that just so happen to be home to a number of sharks.

This is another big reason why people choose to vacation in Cabo. So, if you are a thrill seeker who dreams of going diving with sharks, it is likely that Cabo is on your radar. 

There are a number of companies that operate out of Cabo, running regular shark diving trips – but which is the best?

In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best shark diving trips that you can experience in Cabo. So, if you want to find out more, keep on reading!

Cabo Shark Dive

First up, we have Cabo Shark Dive. If you choose this company then you will know that you are in safe hands as they are Mexico’s number one shark diving company.

This is partly because of the team that runs Cabo Shark Dive. With a mixture of underwater photographers, qualified diving instructors, shark handlers, and marine biologists – you will be amongst a lot of knowledge while out at sea with Cabo Shark Dive.

Cabo Shark Dive runs a number of different shark diving tours. These include: 

Cabo Shark Dive Snorkeling Tour

Swim with hammerheads, silky, mako, and blue sharks.

La Paz Whale Shark Tour

Snorkel and free dive with the largest fish in the world, the whale shark.

They also run a number of other tours that allow you to swim with creatures other than sharks, such as sea lions and marlins.

The great thing about this company is that you don’t need to be an experienced scuba diver to take part.

No matter your experience level, Cabo Shark Dive will look after you, and offer a safe once in a lifetime opportunity to swim amongst these majestic creatures.

Baja Shark Experience

Next up, we have Baja Shark Experience. This company was founded by people who recognized that shark diving in Cabo truly is a once in a lifetime experience, and because of this, the tour is filled with passion.

Baja Shark Experience is the perfect tour if you want to be surrounded by people who not only love sharks, but the area too.

As you had probably guessed from the tours offered by the last company, Cabo is surrounded by waters that have some of the richest biodiversity in the world.

That is why diving here is something that you have to try, even if it isn’t sharks that you are interested in seeing. 

The waters off the coast of Cabo are crystal clear, allowing you to see everything that is going on beneath the water’s surface.

Blue sharks swim in these waters, as well as smooth hammerhead, makos, and silky sharks – and so could you. So, if you are interested in diving with sharks off the coast of Cabo, this is definitely a company to consider.

Cabo Trek

Cabo Trek is another company that offers the opportunity for you to go diving with sharks. However, it is important to note that this company doesn’t operate a trip that is exclusive to sharks.

Instead, they run diving trips that allow you to snorkel through the waters surrounding Cabo, taking in all the marine life that lives in the sea.

Not just sharks. However, as Cabo has a pretty large shark population, it is fair to say that you will bump into some of these magnificent beasts on your trip.

This company runs a diving trip that is suitable for everybody, no matter your experience with snorkeling.

Even if you are a total beginner, this company will look after you, and provide you with all the equipment you need to be safe in the water.

From start to finish, you will be looked after, allowing you to relax and take in this incredible experience. It is definitely one to consider if you are holidaying in the Cabo area.

Dive Gordo Banks 

Dive Gordo Banks is a little different to the other companies that we have looked at so far, and that is because they are not a tourist attraction.

At least not unless you are a tourist who also happens to be a certified scuba diver. 

Dive Gordo Banks runs trips that are not for the faint of heart.

To take part in their dives, you must be scuba certified as you will spend a lot of time underwater, immersing yourself among the sharks and other marine creatures that live in this area.

This is probably the best trip of them all if you want a true once in a lifetime experience. However, you must be scuba certified to take part, which means that it is only suitable for some people.

As well as running trips, Dive Gordo Banks also runs a number of courses, including one that specializes in shark conservation.

So, if you are looking to go diving with sharks because you care about these animals (and you are scuba certified), this is the company for you! 

Dive Ninja Expeditions

Finally, we have Dive Ninja Expeditions. As their name suggests, this company runs expeditions out into the waters surrounding Cabo.

They operate all year round, allowing you to experience the different creatures that reside in these waters at different times of the year.

But no matter when you visit, you are guaranteed to see some magnificent marine life, sharks included. 

This company is unique to the others that we have looked at as they offer the ability to dive with bull sharks.

This is something that none of the other companies we have looked at have mentioned.

Alternatively, you can swim with whale sharks (the biggest sharks in the world), or any of the other sharks that have been mentioned by the previous companies. After all, they all operate in the same area. 

However, just like Dive Gordo Banks, the tours run by Dive Ninja Expeditions are only suitable for those who are scuba certified, as you are required to use 2 tanks in the trip.

So, it is important to bear this in mind before you book.

Buyer’s Guide

The companies above run some of the best shark diving trips in Cabo, but here are some important things to consider before you book. 

Scuba Diving Experience

First things first, you need to consider whether, or not, you have any scuba diving experience.

As we have seen in this guide, a number of companies actually only allow those with scuba diving experience to take part in their diving trips.

However, there are many that will take beginners out to sea. You need to make sure that the company that you book with caters to your experience level.

Sharks You Want To See

You will also need to consider the different types of sharks that you want to see. Of course, this will be restricted by which sharks actually reside in the waters off of Cabo.

But, as we have seen in this guide, Cabo actually has a pretty diverse range of animals living in their waters.

Thinking about what sharks you want to see on your trip will help you decide when you want to travel, which leads us onto our next point.

When You Want To Travel

Finally, you need to think about when you want to travel. This might be influenced by what else you want to do on your trip, and when you are able to get time off work.

But, either way, it is important to think about when you will be visiting Cabo. A number of the sharks that can be found in the waters surrounding Cabo only reside there at certain times of the year.

So, it is important to ensure that you travel at a time that allows you to see the sharks that you want to dive with. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Cabo?

Cabo is a city located on the Southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula in Mexico. It is a beautiful city with golden beaches and crystal clear waters, offering lots of opportunities to see sharks and other marine life. 

Is Cabo a Good Place to Dive With Sharks?

Yes, Cabo is a great place to dive with sharks. This area has some of the richest biodiversity in the world, and a lot of sharks reside here.

In Cabo, you may be able to dive with whale sharks, blue sharks, mako sharks and hammerhead sharks too. 

Are There Great White Sharks in Cabo?

Great White Sharks have been spotted off the coast of Cabo, however this is not an area where they congregate. Cabo is a safe place to go snorkeling with sharks simply because Great White Sharks do not live in these areas.

You can travel from Cabo to go diving with Great White Sharks, but you will have to travel a fair distance to see them.

Mikayla Adams