What Is The Best Thing For Women To Wear Under Their Wetsuit?

When it comes to wearing a wetsuit, especially for the first time, you might be curious as to what goes under your wetsuit. Do you need a bathing costume? Is it better to go completely naked?

The biggest thing you’ll need to think about when wearing a wetsuit is comfort. You’ll want to be confident when you are on the waves and not have to keep adjusting your underlayer.

This is why it is important to have a decent protective layer underneath. So what is the best thing for women to wear under their wetsuits?

How much should you be prepared to pay for a decent swimming costume? Does the type of swimming determine the costume you’ll be wearing underneath?

Well, if you want the answer to all of these questions and more, then we would suggest that you keep reading.

What Is The Best Thing For A Woman To Wear Under Their Wetsuit?

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to this, you’ll just need to make sure that you are comfortable and have the greatest freedom of movement when you are in your wetsuit.

If you feel restricted, then it can really hamper whatever activity that you happen to be doing in the water.

For example, if you are surfing and want to pull off complicated moves, then having mobility in your arms will be very important.

If you are just swimming, then you’ll also want your arms and legs to be able to move. The more layers that you put on, the harder it will be to get the right dexterity in your shoulders and arms.

If you are impaired in any way when you are swimming, then you might run the risk of serious injury or drowning. This is why it is important to feel the maximum level of comfort.

We would recommend wearing a swimsuit underneath, or a bikini under your wetsuit, so you can roll it down if needed when not in the water, and you won’t feel too hot under the collar.

Luckily, we’ve got some recommendations of what to wear under a wetsuit, whether you like rash guards, sports bras, bikinis, or more.


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When it comes to having the best one-piece for your needs, then you’ll definitely be looking for something like this.

This is a decent wetsuit that will cover the whole body and offer you durable protection against the cold and other elements.

One of the great things about this wetsuit is that it molds properly to your body.

This is important for preventing your wetsuit from getting caught up in your wetsuits and making you feel more uncomfortable.

This wetsuit is also UV resistant, which is great if you are swimming in the summertime. It will also be resistant to chlorine, which is great if you have sensitive skin.

There are no additional tags or metal pieces on this wetsuit, which means that it won’t chafe or catch on anything when you are out on the waves.


  • UV protection - this is great if you want to avoid your body getting burnt up by the sun. Also great if you enjoy summer swimming.
  • Skin-tight - this is a great swimsuit for having under your wetsuit, as it will be skin-tight and won’t bunch up or constrict underneath.
  • Straps - this comes with straps that won’t dig into your shoulders and will hold your wetsuit up when you take it off.
  • Long-lasting - due to the durable quality of the materials, this one-piece will last a long longer than some others on the market.


  • Some users have reported that this wetsuit can be too constricting in certain parts of the body.


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These are a pair of great bikini bottoms that are specifically designed for use in wetsuits.

These are skin-tight with a quick-drying material which means you can leave them on when you are out of the water and they’ll be dry by the time you get back to your car.

These swimming bottoms come with rolled edges that will not cut into or chafe your thighs and legs. It will also help you to keep out any excess water.

This is one of the best pairs of swimming bottoms that you can get to put under a wetsuit.

They will give you complete freedom of movement which is great for things such as swimming and surfing.

These are also great for more intensive sports like kayaking and waterskiing. They are made from durable material that is very flexible and will not tear even after multiple uses.


  • Perfect for wetsuits - this is great if you are going to want that extra bit of protection under your wetsuits without any rumpling or chafing.
  • Rolled edges - if you want something that won’t cause you any issues down below or cut into your legs, then we would certainly recommend that you try these bottoms.
  • Great for sports - if you are going to be very active in the water, then we would certainly recommend that you try these wetsuit trunks.
  • Great style - if you are looking for style as well as comfort, then these come in a range of tasteful colors that will complement your wetsuit.


  • Expensive - for a pair of bottoms only, these are a tad expensive, but they are made from quality materials and will last you a long time.


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This sports bra is designed for both swimming and sports, giving you comfort and support in the chest area.

This product is not see-through, so you won’t have to be concerned with revealing too much of yourself, even when you get out of the water.

This comes with powerful sun protection, so you won’t have to worry about these covered-up parts getting exposed to too much sun.

This comes with padding that will keep you comfortable, even when you are wearing a thicker wetsuit.

Comfort is very important, especially when you are getting involved in intense activities in the water.

This comes with a tight and supportive band underneath the bust, which is great for women who have larger chests.


  • Lightweight - this is a very thin and porous material, which is perfect for mobility and allows you to move your arms freely.
  • Great for sports - if you are going to be getting involved with intense sports, then we would certainly recommend that you try this sports bra.
  • Fast-drying - if you are looking for a sports bra that will dry very quickly, then we would certainly recommend this model.
  • Versatile - no matter what you are using this for, you can certainly find a use for this sports bra.


  • Expensive - this is quite an expensive bra, which might not be appealing to anyone who is only going to be going out on the water a few times a week.


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This skinsuit is something that will keep your whole body supported underneath your wetsuit, giving that optimum level of comfort and protection.

This is made from spandex, which is one of the most comfortable and breathable materials that currently exist on the market.

This comes with a zipper in the front that will allow you to easily slip out of this one once you have removed your wetsuit.

This will definitely come as a relief to anyone who gets tired of pulling off their wetsuit!

This comes with a 150% higher level of stretch than some of the other skinsuits that we have on this list.

This is great if you have experienced pulling on your wetsuits and have ripped sports bras and bikinis in the past.

This is a quick-drying skinsuit, which is perfect for anyone who wants to make a quick exit from the water to their cars. It is also good for getting dry in between dives.


  • Complete coverage - this will give you everything that you need for maximum coverage, which is great if you have sensitive skin that chaps easily.
  • Resilient and durable material - if you are looking for something that will stop ripping and tearing, then we would definitely recommend this skinsuit.
  • Long sleeves and leggings - will help you protect your skin from cuts and bruises, which can often happen when going from the water to the rocks.
  • Great colors - this skinsuit comes in a very stylish color that will help you blend in well with your surroundings.


  • Zip snags, some users have reported that this zip will occasionally snag, which might be difficult if you are needing to change it quickly.

Best Thing For Women To Wear Under Their Wetsuit Buyer’s Guide

There are many different types of clothing that you can wear under a wetsuit, from rash guards, bicycle shorts, bikinis and more. Let’s take a look at which is best to see what suits your needs.

What Is The Best Thing For Women To Wear Under Their Wetsuit?

What About A One-Piece Swimsuit?

When it comes to underlayers on your wetsuit, then a one-piece wetsuit is not a bad choice.

We would recommend that you have one that hugs close to the skin and will not slide off when you are using it.

If you are pulling your wetsuit off, then you’ll want a layer underneath that will not slip off and expose any of your private bits! Avoid embarrassment by getting a snug-fitting one-piece.

The great thing about having a one-piece is the fact that it will hold all of your bits in place. This is very important if you want to avoid any inadvertent exposure.

However, there might be a few drawbacks to having one of these wetsuits.

If you are wearing any jewelry or piercings, then your wetsuits and your one-piece will press these things very tightly to your body.

As a result, this might cause you some pain and discomfort. If you are engaging in things like swimming, then you’ll need to make sure that you are minimizing the number of distractions.

Another con might be if you are wearing a strapless wetsuit, which might get pulled down when you are taking off your wetsuit. Again, this could lead to a very embarrassing nudity situation.

Although if you are getting a one-piece, then you can be sure that you’ll look ready to hit the beach once you’ve gotten rid of your wetsuit.

This will leave you looking Instagram-ready when you are back on the shore!

What About A Bikini?

If you are not keen on the full body protection that a one-piece can provide, then you can opt for less material and restriction with a bikini.

When you are getting a wetsuit on and off, then you can really struggle.

However, a bikini is great for staying in place when you are taking off your wetsuit. It is also really good for concealing under a towel.

One other advantage that you have with wearing a bikini under a wetsuit is that they are much easier to use when you are going to the toilet.

You can simply pull them down, whereas a one-piece swimsuit will be much more uncomfortable.

When you are getting a bikini for your wetsuit, then you will need to make sure that it does not have that many beads and baubles on it, as these might chafe your skin and cause you a lot of irritation.

Again, you might want to find a bikini with shoulder straps, as this will avoid exposing yourself when peeling off your wetsuit.

What About Diving Or Bicycle Shorts?

This might not be the first thing that you think about when you are going swimming, but you can actually use a pair of bicycle shorts as underwear garments for your wetsuit.

This is because this material is skin-tight, which will allow your wetsuit to slide over it very easily. It will also not result in your under-wetsuit layer becoming twisted or entangled.

This material is also very buoyant, which makes it great for swimming with.

If you have anything made from thicker material, then you might experience dragging or heaviness in your movements.

In much the same as a sports bra, diving and bicycle shorts will also give you great freedom of movement.

If you are doing intense swimming that involves kicking your legs, then diving shorts will allow you to perform every stroke imaginable.

This is also a great option if you want to spend less money. These shorts are way cheaper than a full skinsuit, however, the downside will be that they might not last as long.

These will also give you a lot of support and coverage in your rear.

This is often a source of anxiety for some women, especially when you are swimming and your clothes get logged with water.

What About A Rash Guard?

This is very similar to the skinsuit in terms of the coverage it provides and the material that it uses. However, you can actually choose to use a rash guard instead of a wetsuit.

This is made from cooler materials such as neoprene, which will help your rash guard to get dry all on its own.

This is great if you just want to relax after a div and want to allow the sun to work its magic.

However, a lot of these rash guards will not extend down to the legs, which will give you freedom of movement, but you might find that it has far less coverage and warmth.

This will also give you added thermal protection, which is great if you like swimming in colder waters.

You should easily be able to slip these under your wetsuit without worrying about rumpling or twisting.

They may come with a high level of UV protection, which is great if you are prone to swimming for long hours in the sun.

What About A Full-Body Skin Suit?

Next up, we have something that is not too dissimilar from a wetsuit, something that will cover your whole body and give you that freedom of being able to go from the edge of the water to your car.

This type of skin suit comes in many different materials and fabrics, allowing you to pick whichever one feels the best for your skin.

You can even get a skin suit that is around 1 mm thick, which is great for both conforming to your skin and keeping you warm in colder waters.

Sometimes this is more important than being comfortable.

This will give you great freedom in the limbs, which is often very important when you are swimming, kayaking, surfboarding or waterskiing at an intense level.

This is also a great option for anyone who does these things competitively.

This type of skinsuit will also help you to slide off the wetsuit that is over the top. This will mean that you will be able to get ready quickly and efficiently.

Another great thing about these kinds of wetsuits is the fact that they come in a wide range of different styles. You can get plain colors or pick from a wide range of patterns.

Some people even customize their skinsuits with their name or favorite logo.

What About Sports Bras?

Next up, we have another great option that will feel very snug against your skin and hold all of your wobbly bits in place.

A sports bra is designed to hold everything very tightly to your body, so if you want that stability and security, then we would certainly recommend that you go for a sports bra.

These things are also very stretchy and durable, able to absorb moisture and they will not perish over time.

These are also great to use for water sports, as it comes in a stretchy fabric that will move and support the active parts of your body.

They are generally a lot thicker than normal bras and will last you a long time.

If you are wanting your bra to air-dry in-between dives, then you can’t go wrong with a sports bra.

This comes with a mesh material that will allow air to circulate and will help your bra to cool down a lot quicker.

These are also designed for sweating, which means that they will not perish if you are engaging in long hours of sweating and water at the same time.


We hope that this article has helped you to decide which option you are going to go for when it comes to under-wetsuit protection.

Remember to research each product thoroughly before buying.

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