Best Shark Diving Guadalupe Island

In some areas of the world, you can spontaneously decide to go shark diving while on holiday. This is primarily because sharks live all over the Globe.

However, if you are a shark enthusiast, and there are specific species of sharks that you want to see, you will need to plan your trip a little more carefully.

Best Shark Diving Guadalupe Island

For example, if you want to dive with Great White Sharks, you will need to visit an area of the world where these sharks reside.

You will also need to visit that area at certain times of the year to be within a chance of seeing these magnificent creatures. 

If it is Great White Sharks that you are interested in, then the best place to visit in the world is Guadalupe Island. This island off the coast of Mexico is the top destination in the World for Great White Shark encounters.

But what company is the best to go diving with? In this guide, we’ll be taking a look, so keep on reading! 

Horizon Charters

Horizon Charters

First up, we have Horizon Charters. Since 1980, Horizon Charters has been pioneering scuba diving adventures off the coast of Southern California and Mexico – the very area where Guadalupe Island is.

That is why Horizon Charters is one of the best companies to choose if you want to go diving in Guadalupe Island. 

The company offers a couple of different diving adventures in the area surrounding So.Cal and Mexico, but their most popular trip in Guadalupe Island is their Great White Shark Diving trip.

This trip can be customized depending on your budget and how long you want to spend out at sea with the sharks. 

It is suitable for everybody over the age of 10, no matter your diving experience. It is rather expensive, but lots of things are included in the price, such as chef-prepared meals, diving gear, and alcoholic and soft beverages.

So, if you want to make a trip out of your love for sharks, this is the company to choose. 

Guadalupe Great White Sharks

Guadalupe Great White Sharks

Next up, we have Guadalupe Great White Sharks. Just like Horizon Charters, this company offers a variety of different trips to Guadalupe Island – meaning that you can choose a trip that suits your needs. With 6 day and 8 day trips to choose from, there is something for everyone. 

Guadalupe Great White Sharks offers a couple of different trips to explore Guadalupe Island, but their Great White Shark diving trip is by far the best.

Their cages can hold up to 3 people meaning that you can share the experience of being face to face with a Great White shark. They also offer unlimited diving time, meaning that you can spend as much time as you want beneath the ocean’s surface. 

While you are on your trip, you will reside in a comfortable and luxurious boat, so when you are not in the water you can relax and unwind.

You can also rest assured that when you are in the water, your safety is at the heart of this company’s priorities.

They were the first diving company to gain an ISM safety management certification, and you will be looked after at all times. So, it is easy to see why this is a great company to choose. 

Islander Charters

Another great company to consider is Islander Charters. This company was founded in 2004, and since then they have been providing first-class Great White Shark encounters to thrill seekers and shark lovers alike.

Just like many of the other companies we have looked at, Islander Charters specializes in shark diving trips that are an entire experience. 

Islander Charters most popular trip is their Great White Shark diving trip which is a 5-day all-inclusive trip to Guadalupe Island. With air-conditioned rooms, all beverages and food, as well as all scuba diving equipment included, this trip is on the pricier side, but it is excellent value for money. 

So what makes Islander Charters special? Well there are quite a few things actually! Islander Charters has a 100% success rate for seeing Great White Sharks, they also have a 100% safety record with zero cage breaches, accidents, or incidents in the entire time they have been running.

But the best thing about this company is their focus on conservation, so if you want to see Great White Sharks because you care about them, this is the trip for you!

Dive Ninja Expeditions

Dive Ninja Expeditions

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For a trip of a lifetime, you should consider Dive Ninja Expeditions. This company runs a variety of different shark diving trips, allowing you to see whatever sharks your heart desires.

But their trip to Guadalupe Island focuses on seeing the magnificent apex predators that are Great White Sharks. 

This shark diving trip not only allows you the once in a lifetime experience of being in the water alongside these enormous creatures, but it also allows you to experience the true beauty of Guadalupe Island.

While you are out at sea, you will travel in style upon a beautiful sea vessel, with delicious food and photography tutorials at your fingertips.

The trip is all-inclusive, so your food and drinks will already be paid for when you board the ship. 

To dive with Dive Ninja Expeditions, you don’t need to be scuba diving certified, you simply need to have a passion for Great White Sharks, and the thrill of being in the sea with one of the ocean’s greatest predators. This is definitely a company to consider! 

Blue Water Travel

Finally, we would recommend checking out Blue Water Travel. This trip is a little different to the others that we have looked at as it requires you to travel to Guadalupe Island, and board the ship from there.

But, depending on the trip that you have planned, this might be better suited to you. 

Blue Water Travel boasts a trip that isn’t as luxurious as some of the others that we have looked at, but they offer you an outstanding opportunity to be at one with nature.

On this trip, you will not only see Great White Sharks but lots of other sea creatures too – all in their natural habitat. 

This company is also a little different to the others that we have looked at as you have to get in touch with Blue Water Travel to inquire about their Great White Shark diving trips. However, all the information on how to do this is on their website. They are definitely a company to consider. 

Buyer’s Guide

Before you book your trip to Guadalupe Island, here are some things to consider. 

Duration of Trip

First things first, you need to consider how long you want your trip to last. Quite a lot of the trips that we have looked at in this guide last between 5 and 8 days, and it seems that there are very few companies in Guadalupe Island that run these trips for shorter periods of time.

So, before you book, you need to consider how long you want to be away for, and how long you want to spend in the water with the sharks. 

Animals You Want to See

As you can see from this guide, while all the companies focus on shark diving, they are all very different from one another.

Some of these trips focus on ensuring that you have a luxurious experience, while others focus on the different animals that you can see on your trip. 

If you are visiting Guadalupe Island to shark dive, it is likely that you are doing this because you want to see Great White sharks. But, you should consider the other animals that you might want to see before you book. 

What Is Included In the Cost

Finally, you need to consider what is included in the cost.

The majority of the companies that we have looked at in this guide run trips that span across multiple days, and they are more expensive because the majority of things are included in the cost.

This includes food, drinks, accommodation, and entertainment. Scuba diving equipment also tends to be included in the price. 

Before you book, you need to take a look at exactly what you are paying for to ensure that you are not left surprised at additional costs when you board the ship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Guadalupe Island?

Guadalupe Island is located in the Baja Peninsula, off the coast of Mexico. It is also not too far away from Southern California. This is why a number of Guadalupe Island shark diving trips depart from San Diego.

Will I See Great White Sharks in Guadalupe Island?

You have a very high chance of seeing Great White Sharks in Guadalupe Island due to the crystal clear water there.

This is also an area of the world where Great White Sharks seem to congregate, which is why a lot of companies boast a 100% success rate for seeing Great White Sharks.

Are There Shark Attacks in Guadalupe Island?

There has only ever been one shark attack in Guadalupe Island, and that was back in 1971. So, it is very unlikely that a shark attack will occur while you are there.

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