What Fish Like The Taste Of Sharks?

Sharks are generally known as the biggest predator in the sea. With their rows are serrated sharp teeth perfect for biting and chewing their prey.

As they use their tails to propel them through the water to sneak up on their prey. You do not want to find yourself being hunted by a shark. 

What Fish Like The Taste of Sharks

Yet, there are still some predators far more terrifying. What could possibly eat a shark?

In this article we’ll cover what fish can eat the aquatic beasts and whether sharks still deserve to have their name at the top of the food chain. 

What Are Predators Of Sharks?

As sharks slink around the deep depths of the ocean, there are other predators looking for their next feast. 

Orcas or more commonly known as Killer Whales are one of the biggest predators of sharks. Including the feared Great White. They have been seen to eat other species of shark such as the mako shark. 

They achieve this by flipping the shark upside down as this puts the shark into a trance like state. This is when the shark is at its most vulnerable and creates the perfect time to strike.

This is only done as orcas live, hunt and eat in packs like wolves. They work together to put their prey into its most vulnerable state before attacking. 

Orcas are one of the only creatures that are large enough to eat sharks. However, there is the added fear of other sharks. 

Larger species such as great whites and tiger sharks are known to eat smaller species or more defenseless species of sharks such as hammerhead sharks. Smaller species have been documented to eat sharks of their own species. 

Although it has now been found that grouper have a taste for younger sharks as well. 

Grouper Preys On Shark 

Scientists from NOAA captured footage of a shark being devoured whole while deep diving off the coast of South Carolina. A grouper swallowed this shark completely.

This took place while a group of young sharks feed on a rotting sword-fish which has sunk to the sea floor. However, this isn’t what shocks the scientists. 

A grouper fish is then seen swimming past the submarine with a full shark in its mouth. Utilizing the submarine as cover, it comes from below showcasing their prey. A shark. With the larger fish’s head in its mouth. 

You can then watch as the grouper swallows the shark whole ,tail and all. 

Moray Eel Eats Whitetip Reef Shark 

Another instance where an unlikely fish eats a shark is a moray eel fights and wins against a whitetip reef shark. 

The moray eel can be seen to grip onto the shark’s mid-tail in order to hold on and force the shark to surrender as they fight amongst the coral reefs.

The monstrous sized eel slowly works its way up to the shark’s head in order to defeat and consume its opponent. 

While it may not be a great white, this is still an interesting occurrence within the oceanic ecosystem. 

Final Thoughts 

It can be determined that while sharks are amazing predators who have lived for thousands of years, there are some fish who are beginning to showcase their strengths. 

From packs of orcas attacking great whites to groupers who are becoming more accustomed to the taste of a shark. There are various sea creatures willing to bet their odds against the ferocious ways of sharks. 

Not to mention that sharks are predators against each other. With larger sharks eating smaller species and even smaller species such as the Hammerhead shark, eating those of its own kind. 

The ocean really is a shark eat shark world. 

Mikayla Adams

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